telehealth visits: one-on-one time with your provider from your home

Will Telehealth work for me?

How to request a face-to-face visit with your doctor to discuss your health and receive guidance

Preparing for your Telehealth appointment

I have scheduled a Telehealth appointment. Now what?

How to use Telehealth for your appointment

Instructions using a mobile device

Logging in for your appointment

Accessing MyChart from your computer

How to use Telehealth

On the day of your Telehealth visit:

Before joining the call, remove bandages and dressings, sit in a well-lit area, and make sure you have a strong WiFi or cellular data signal.

You may connect up to 30 minutes prior to your appointment time. You will be unable to connect 20 minutes after your scheduled time and your appointment will be cancelled.

If you are planning to conduct a Telehealth visit on your mobile device, see instructions below.

If you are planning to conduct a Telehealth visit on your computer, see instructions for logging into MyChart for your appointment.

Telehealth instructions using a mobile device:


At this point, you should be connected with your provider for your Telehealth appointment. If there are any issues or delays, please call your providers office.

Telehealth for Children and Teens:

For children ages 0-11, if the parent or guardian is set up as a proxy, you will be able to start the video visit using the same steps mentioned above. For children 12-17, we currently don’t have a MyChart solution (but will soon!). In the meantime, you can call your provider’s office and they can work with you to schedule a video visit using a slightly different process. We can still see you!

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